A lot is riding on that welding job. Whether it’s large structural pieces fused together or small parts in an automobile or airplane – it’s crucial that welding jobs hold up against wear and tear and age. So call the expert welding inspectors at Moo's Machine Works Inc in Honolulu and you can rest assured that your welding job will withstand the test of time. 

We’re an industry leading welding inspection service, and we’ve made a name for ourselves through years of dedication. We understand how important inspectors are in ensuring safety, stability, and good workmanship – and we don’t take job lightly.  
Call Moo's Machine Works Inc today for:
Seasoned professionals who conduct serious and thorough inspections
Clear and fair rates and invoices
A customer service oriented philosophy
Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, in industry or the trades, welding inspection from Moo's Machine Works Inc can help ensure that a problem free project.


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  • 41,000 Square Feet
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  • Biggest Stock Of Steel In Hawai’i

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